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Yacht harbor, is a many award winning natural harbor. Once upon a time, being the second harbor where ships can berth after Mersin, on the south shore of Turkey, Yacht Harbor has become a harbor which only yachts and some fishing boats use today. Today, domestic and foreign tourists can day trip Mediterranean shores with yachts on the harbor which hosted many civilizations in its history.

Toy museum being opened in Yacht Harbor, Toy Museum displays approximately 3 thousands toys selected from everywhere in the world and extending from 1860s to the present day. At the entrance of the museum, cartoon character of kidness Red Kit, its coward dog Rin Tin Tin and enemies Dalton Brothers welcome children and those having a child in their hearts. There are nearly 150 toy museum in the world. Antalya Toy Museum in one of the most successful examples in the world.

Hıdırlık Tower, having reached from Roman Era Attaleia to the present day as strong and original to a large extent, Hıdırlık Tower is located in Kılıncaslan district, Kaleici. While Hıdırlık Tower is a mausoleum which is the only example for Anatolia with its type specific to City of Rome and its both from and monumental, it was rearranged to use for various purposes throughout the history.

Ahi Kızı tomb was built in a second quarter of 15th century and located in the northwest across Ahi Kızı mosque.

Ahi Kızı Mosque was built in 14th century. It is a cubic single domed mosque. You can enter the building from the north through a door with lancet arch. There is a woman’s loge at the northern edge of the mosque.

Ahi Yusuf mosque was built in 1249 – 1250 by Ahi Yusuf. There is a tomb built as two storeys and combined with the mosque by means of a wall here. Lower floor of the tomb is burial chamber, upper part is a small Islamic monastery. There are three graves in the gap between the mosque and the tomb two of which are inscriptions.

Karaalioglu Park is being the first park of Antalya and embellished with colorful flowers in the scene of fasciating Toros Mountains at the backdrop, Karaalioglu Park offers its visitors magnificent view of Antalya with sparkling sunshine over the sea. The park harbors many birds species as well as having the most beautiful scene of Antalya. Having spread out in Tropical Asia and Africa, green parrots are not known how to have come to Antalya and dwelled Karaalioglu park. However, the only known fact is they add color to park and joy for the visitors.

Castle Gate is being a trade center for many civilizations in its hundreds years history. Castle Gate is is open air museum at the same time. It is however the heart of Antalya with its best known name. Caravans coming for trade in the past stayed in Kaleici. Castle Gate acted as trade center and became the heart of civilizations founded. It was restored in 1996 and gained its present appearance.

Tomb of Nigar Hatun is rumored the tomb belongs to mother of Sehzade Korkut. The building was repaired in 1961 and changed to a great extent. There is a symbolic coffin which was understood to have been built subsequently and attributed to Nigar Hatun.

Yivli Minaret is the first Turkish structure in Antalya and near Clock Tower in the center. According to its inscription, it was built during the reign(1219 – 1236) of Anatolian Seljuk emperor Alaattin Keykubat. Being layed with bricks, its body comprises eight semi cylinders. Even if a mosque is located near minaret, it must have been destructed. The mosque near the minaret belongs to a later era, 1372. It was built by so Tavasi Balaban during period of Hamitogulları, a Turkish communion.

Karatay Madrasa in one of the important Turkish Islamic structures in the center of province and was built in the middle of 13th century. Stone carvings at the entrance gate and in its altar (shoving Mecca) are one of the most beautiful Seljuk architecture.

Kesik Minaret, this monument a record of nested history of Antalya, is a mosque top of which is formed by cut minaret. Indeed, it was built as a basilica in 5th century. Few parts remained from the first artifact, underwent a change in Byzantine period. It witnessed periods of Rome, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods and became known as Kesik Minaret because it was destroyed during fire.

Balbey mosque, built in Antalya in 15th century by Bali Bey who lived in Antalya and is the grandson of Malkoc Bey, Bali Bey (Balbey) Mosque carries traces of Turkish Islamic civilization.

İki kapılı Caravansarai, built at the end of 19th century is rectanguler plan and includes 11 places. Each place has an original intermediate floor which is reached inside itself. East block is single storey and contains 12 shops. Blocks in the north and south are two storied. Ground floor spaces are completely opened to the courtyard of caravanserai. Top floor rooms used as malls today functioned as mansion for passengers in the past.

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Antalya is placed on a terrace made by the traventines which is ending with the high perpendicular cliffs 25-30 mt far from the sea shore ...